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Upon inquiries Workshops can be organized based on following details:

  1. There are 2 halls for rental for workshop purposes with capacities of 20 and 10 persons.

  2. These halls can be rent for 2 hours individually in the afternoon at 1st Day and in the morning and afternoon at the 2nd Day of symposium.

  3. Companies may rent these halls for entry-free workshops and/or METEM may use these halls to make workshops on specific

    topics related to symposium with entry-fee.

  4. Registration will be required to attend these workshops and Its obligatory to be a symposium delegate to be able to register.

  5. From the date of confirmation of workshop, company’s logo will be published on below, in addition to official symposium

    webpage and efficiently announced to all attendees:

           a. All printed symposium materials,
           b. Symposium Program Book

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