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International Steel Rolling Symposium

14-15 September 2023


Our symposium was held with a large participation. 

Thank you for your interest.

See you in 2025.

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About ISRS

The second of ISRS - International Steel Rolling Symposium and Exhibition will be organized by METEM, to be held on 14-15 September 2023, just as the previous one in Iskenderun – the pearl of Mediterranean, where has been located nearby Hatay – the capital of tolerance and legendary cuisine.

With our hope to be carrying on the great interest shown in the first ISRS – International Steel Rolling Symposium and Exhibition with respect to the wonderful hospitality of Iskenderun, by the announcement of symposium venue within a month, we would like to remind to all local, foreign and international companies that want to present their products and services to the participants at symposium and available exhibition areas and to the ones want to support the symposium with their sponsorships to follow us closely and save the date of ISRS – International Steel Rolling Symposium and Exhibition in their calendars.

As in the previous one, all economic, technological and scientific issues are planning to be discussed on the focus of innovations and to be shared with all participants, as well as to create a visionary approach to understand the existing status of Turkey in steel rolling and what should it be in the future.

In the context of agenda, we invite all intending local, foreign and international manufacturers, suppliers, marketing companies, end- users, universities and researchers to participate in the symposium with their innovative presentations.

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Innovative Approaches in Plastic Formation (for all long and flat product types) Technologies 

  •  Reheating Furnaces 

    • Innovative Refractory

    • Regenerative Burners

    • Alternative Fuel Use (Hydrogen, LPG, LNG ….)

    • Combustion Efficiency (O₂ Enrichment, Level2 Automation ….)

    • Induction Solutions

  • Hot/Cold Rolling

  • Thermomechanical Rolling

  • Evacuation Lines

    • Packaging, Counting Technologies

    • Skin Pass, Peeling, Surface Cleaning, Coating

    • Heat Treatment

  • Mathematical Modeling, Simulation Applications

  • Caliber Design

Laboratuvar Çözümleri

Product Diversification (Value Added Products) and R&D


Quality Applications

  • Surface Imaging and Measurement Systems

  • Inspection Methods

  • Traceability 


Sustainability & Circular Economy 

  • OHS and Wellbeing

  • Environmental Practices – Green Technologies 

  • Energy efficiency

  • Cost and Productivity Efficient Developments

  • Digitization 

  • Effective Management Systems Practices

Merdane ve Ringler


  • Rollers and Rings

  • Guide Technologies

  • Bearings

  • Oil and Lubrication Technologies

  • Cutting Tools, Inserts


Maintenance Technologies, Predictive Maintenance Approaches 

  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic, Filtration

  • Sealing Elements

  • Electricity, Automation, Software

Otomasyon Endüstri 4.0

 Auxiliary Systems 

  • Cranes

  • Workshop Equipment

  • Compressed Air Systems

  • Water Systems (Cooling, Conditioning/Purification)



  • Machining

  • Casting and Forging

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