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City Worth to Live


Pearl of the Mediterranean and the most important city of Eastern Mediterranean – Iskenderun, is the eighth largest economy in Turkey:
At the first priority iron and steel industry with 1 Integrated mill, 7 mini-mills and 3 Induction Furnace-mills had been built in Iskenderun with a total of 16.7 million tons of production capacity over the total installed 3 Integrated mills, 25 mini-mill and 7 Induction Furnace-mills. Besides, almost 65% of total filter production for the major use in automotive industry over 143 million production capacity of Turkey was being produced in Iskenderun region, which makes Turkey one of the first three manufacturer after the USA and China. Additionally, 12 ports, logistics, warehousing, customs and export facilities were making this town bigger than 45 cities in Turkey as it’s the only town having a branch of Central Bank.

With respect to living comfort, culture and mentality, Iskenderun is one of the best cities worth to live.

Capital of Tolerance and Gastronomy


Imagine a city!... People from different religions and faiths should live together in the feelings of love, peace and brotherhoods... They should stay away from fight, embrace the love in respect... Imagine a place with the voices of “Azan of Mosque, Hazzan of Synagogue and Bell of Church” are crowned and experienced altogether in a harmony of mutual love and brotherhood... That’s Hatay! Common word to define this city used by visitors is “Tolerance”!

Besides, Hatay cuisine had been included in the “Network of Creative Cities” in the field of gastronomy by UNESCO. It has its own characteristics and rich food variety, has become famous throughout the country with its over 600 dishes and desserts.

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