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Price:       3.000 € + VAT

sponsorshıp benefıts

  1. Company will have free registration right for a limited no of employees as delegate.

  2. If companies would like to participate with a stands area, 20% discount from the announced stands area renting fee will be applied for supporting manufacturer companies.

  3. Companies’ advertorial movie will be presented on the big screens located at the exhibition area during the symposium.

  4. Companies’ advertisement will be published on one of the inner pages of Symposium Proceedings Book.

  5. From the date of confirmation of sponsorship, companies’ logo will be published on below, in addition to official symposium webpage:

              a. All printed symposium materials,    

              b. Symposium Program Book,

              c. Symposium Proceedings Book,  

              d. Symposium Posters

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